Xihu Held The 11th Happy Conference

- Apr 04, 2018 -

On the evening of March 31st, Jiangsu Xinghu Special Steel’s 11th session of the Happy Management Conference was successfully held on the fourth floor of the company’s hall. The company's general manager Zhai Haiping and more than 300 employees attended the meeting. At the meeting, the top employees of the monthly points were commended and birthday cakes and blessings were given to the recently born employees.

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The general manager of the company, Mr. Hai, summarized the management of the points system in the past year. He emphasized that each time the score statistics is a brand new starting point, employees should actively and actively make progress for themselves and for each time their own positive energy. Act for points.


At the same time, the General Administration requires all departments to further strengthen internal management and system construction, and constantly standardize the environmental order of production and office space. While the company actively responded to the call for cleaner production, it required each employee to standardize their behavior from the perspective of protecting the environment and consciously contribute to environmental protection. Xihu's brand includes not only Xihu's management and product quality, but also the quality of Xihu employees. Each employee must standardize his behavior and behavior not only for the company but also for the society. Every step of the company's actions and full participation is the key; only full participation will lead to success, and the company will continue to advance and endure forever.


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