Why Is There A Yellow Spot Inside The Rubber Clad Stainless Steel Wire Rope

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Coated stainless steel Wire rope is a very pay attention to the surface of kungfu products, mainly used in decorating decoration, anti-corrosion and other special industries, so the surface of the adhesive is very always. Many customers blindly pursue low prices, in the market to buy a lot of this kind of plastic coated stainless steel wire rope, the original transparent look inside the surface of many yellow spots and black impurities. This phenomenon is that manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality of products, reduce costs.

Wire Rope After the first to clean up, the surface of the oil to remove, otherwise the package will produce a lot of black spots, many people mistakenly think is rusty, actually. Plastic Packaging machine must clean up, strict product requirements for customers to use imported nylon and PVC packaging, product price Although it will be one points, but a penny price, hope many customers do not be deceived.

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