The Working Temperature Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Can Not Be Neglected

- Jul 19, 2017 -

High temperature will lead to the softening of wire rope fiber core and coating material the damage of the fiber rope core will lead to the damage of the steel wire rope structure, and the softening of the coated material will greatly reduce its wear resistance, destroy its original function, and the temperature too high to cause premature loss of the lubricating oil inside the wire rope and speed up the internal wear of the steel rope.

The low temperature will cause the steel wire rope structure to become brittle, causes the metal material performance to reduce, and may cause the wire rope The sudden rupture, causes the safety accident. Steel wire Rope has higher high-temperature resistance than other wire ropes.

In order to ensure the safety and efficiency in the work of stainless steel wire rope, we need to adopt certain protection means for steel wire rope under special environment, for example, the technology should be cooled at too high temperature, and the performance of steel rope can be stabilized in time under low temperature.

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