The Physical Properties Of Stainless Steel

- Sep 16, 2017 -

The physical properties of stainless steel are mainly expressed in the following aspects:

1. coefficient of thermal expansion

A change in mass, degree, or element caused by a change in temperature. The coefficient of expansion is the slope of the expansion temperature curve, the instantaneous expansion coefficient is the slope at a specific temperature, and the average slope between the two specified temperatures is the average coefficient of thermal expansion. Coefficient of expansion can be expressed by volume or length, usually by length.

2. density

The density of matter is the mass per unit volume of the unit, kg/m3 or 1b/in3.

3. modulus of elasticity

The force required on the unit area is called the elastic modulus when the force at the end of the unit length edge causes the unit change in the length of the object. The unit is 1b/in3 or N/m3.

4. resistivity

A measure of resistance between two opposite sides of a unit length cube material. The units are expressed by Omega m, Mu cm, or (obsolete) OMEGA / (circular, mil.ft).

5. permeability

The dimensionless coefficient indicates the degree to which the material is easily magnetized, and is the ratio of the magnetic induction to the magnetic field.

6. melting temperature range

Determine the temperature at which the alloy begins to solidify and solidifies.

7. specific heat

The amount of heat required to change the mass temperature of a unit mass by 1 degrees. In the British and CGs systems, the two heat values are the same, because the unit of heat (Biu or CAL) depends on the unit mass of water to rise by 1 degrees to hear the required heat. The value of specific heat in the international system of units is different from that of the British system or the CGS system, since the unit of energy (J) is determined by different definitions. The specific heat unit is Btu (1b = 0F) and J/ (kg = k).

8. thermal conductivity

A measure of the rate at which heat is carried by matter. When a temperature gradient of 1 degrees is established on the unit section area, the thermal conductivity is defined as the heat per unit time, and the thermal conductivity is Btu/ (H. Ft. 0F) or w/ (M = K).

9. thermal diffusivity

It is a property of determining the pre migration rate of the internal temperature of a substance, the ratio of the thermal conductivity to the product of specific heat and density, and the thermal diffusivity unit expressed as Btu/ (H. Ft. 0F) or w/ (M = k).

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