Pre-stretching Of Wire Ropes

- Jul 19, 2017 -

There are many factors that lead to the elongation of the wire rope in use, and some factors cause the elongation to be very small, usually negligible. The main causes of wire rope elongation are as follows, of which the first two are the most important.

(a) elongation-usually referred to as structural elongation-due to the position adjustment of the strands in each strand of steel and wire ropes.

(b) The elastic elongation resulting from the load pulling force.

(c) elongation or shortening due to temperature changes.

(d) The elongation caused by the increase of the twist distance due to the free rotation of the end of the wire rope.

(e) Further structural damage due to internal steel wire wear resulting in reduced metal area of wire ropes


(f) Permanent, inelastic elongation resulting from a tensile load exceeding the yield point of the material.

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