Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel Orgnized Advanced Staff To Travel Abroad

- Mar 02, 2018 -

In early 2018, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees, strengthen team cohesion and teamwork skills, and embody the spirit of integral system management, the company will organize advanced employees to travel abroad. Based on the 2017 rankings, individuals with the highest cumulative points in each department received a one-week trip to Thailand with their families.


They are respectively General Manager Yuan Jiazhen, smelter factory Zhaoyuan Yuan, steel wire factory Lu Xiu-nian, steel wire rope factory Ling Yinfeng, high-wire factory Deng Zhaohai, steel mills Jiang Zhiping, among them old employees who have worked for many years, new recruits who have just started employment for a year, leaders, but also front-line workers. Points are fair to every employee in the company. Each time employees actively pay for each positive energy behavior, have been a point of recognition and incentives; points for each employee to establish a long-term effective behavior bank, the company all the benefits are linked with the points, mid-year We put mobile phones for top ranking employees and the promise of overseas travel that the company honors by the end of the year so that outstanding employees will not suffer when our Xihu really goes down.


The company advocates home and culture and always insists on people-oriented. Organizing employees to go out for tourism is an affirmation of employees' hard work and a deep concern for employees. It is an important measure for the company to build corporate culture, train qualified personnel and complete the fierce mechanism. Through tourism, not only can make employees appreciate the natural beauty of the busy working time, delight in body and mind, and can greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of staff and enhance the sense of corporate cohesion and teamwork. Employees relax, cultivate their sentiments, with a more full of enthusiasm can be devoted to work to contribute to the sustained and rapid development of the company's own power.

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