Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel 2018 Spring Assembly

- Mar 01, 2018 -

On the morning of February 23, Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel 2018 Spring Assembly and Points System Management tenth happy meeting was held in the company conference hall. Zhai Suping, chairman of the board, Zhai Haiping, general manager and more than 400 employees attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhai Suping, chairman of the board delivered a message of New Year greetings to the participants expressed the wishes of the New Year; the work of 2018 made the request in the management of "internal quality, outside performance" in production, and management to "strong Products, channels of expansion outside ", and strive to build the company into a government-backed, socially recognized, peer respect, customer satisfaction, employees like the benchmark brand companies.

In his speech, Zhai Haiping, the general manager, demanded that all staff conscientiously implement the "three new goals", the "three new measures" and the "three requirements" proposed by Chairman Zhai Shixian, and explained them in detail. In the new year, he quickly entered a new state, clarified new goals and implemented new measures. He expressed the hope that all cadres and staff will further promote their fine traditions under the correct leadership of the Board of Directors, maintain a positive and progressive state of mind, exploit the courage of pioneer for the development of Xihu expand, make efforts for the growth of employees.

The second half of the conference was Xihu Club's 10th Anniversary Meeting of Points System Management, which honored the winners of the ranking points and sent birthday greetings to employees who had recently passed their birthday. There were 60 lucky employees participating in the points draw activity. At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zhai Suping and Deputy General Manager Xu Hua came to draw the New Year Special Spring Festival Awards for everyone's best wishes for the new year.

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