Jiangsu Xihu Held Safety Standardization Start Meeting

- Sep 29, 2017 -

To further improve the level of corporate safety management, enhance the full awareness of security, safety management to the institutionalization and standardization of the company to proceed to promote the establishment of safety standards, in the afternoon of August 8, 2017, held a safety standardization work to start the meeting; The leadership of the safety supervision bureau, training counseling agencies and general manager of the company Zhai Haiping, the department heads, workshop director, team leader, and other safety related personnel more than 40 people.

Xinghua City Safety Supervision Bureau Comrade Feng Yong through the real case, so that participants to seriously implement the need for safe production have a new understanding. Training institutions, Deng teacher for everyone to explain the purpose of the implementation of safety standardization and the safety requirements of the specific requirements; after the meeting, the company general manager Zhai Haiping asked everyone to create safety standards as an opportunity to seriously investigate the safety of production work Lack of serious study of safety standards, the implementation of safety standards, and timely convey down to effectively eliminate the safety factors in the production.

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