Jiangsu Xihu 10 + 7.6 Tons Of Multi-functional Electroslag Furnace Thermal Test Successfully

- Nov 22, 2017 -

November 17, 2017, Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel Co., Ltd. 10 + 7.6 tons of multi-functional electroslag furnace heat test successfully produced 3 tons of ingot, the process equipment is operating normally, the ingot to the desired level. The success of the thermal test of the electroslag furnace marks a key step for Spark Special Steel to broaden the variety and transform and upgrade it.

Spark Special Steel 10 + 7.6 tons of multi-functional electroslag furnace is the company "based on hollow electroslag technology large diameter thick-walled high-temperature alloy pipe R & D and industrialization" one of the core equipment, the project is the first time at home and abroad using advanced hollow Electroslag remelting technology for the preparation of large diameter thick-walled high-temperature alloy electroslag tube and seamless pipe; the success of the project to solve our urgent need to master the advanced high efficiency and low cost preparation of high-temperature alloy thick-walled seamless tube and pipe Technical problems, breaking the technological monopoly of developed countries in this field over the years.

Spark Special Steel has always been adhering to the quality of survival, take the world by virtue of integrity, relying on science and technology development and training to harsh quality requirements meticulously build high-quality special steel products, the company has built a national post-doctoral research station, the provincial stainless steel materials Engineering technology research center, enterprise technology center, business academician workstations, enterprise postdoctoral innovation practice base, has developed a total of two national key new products, high-tech products in Jiangsu Province 11, has undertaken two national Torch Program projects, Jiangsu Province, Industrial Science and Technology Support project 1, with 67 valid patents (of which 8 invention patents), led the revision of two national standards and four metallurgical industry standards, the company adhere to the quality strategy, in the field of stainless steel, special alloys carefully built with professional characteristics Technology competitive enterprises.

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