How To Use Wire Rope For A Long Time

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Safety inspection is mainly used before the use of wire rope in all aspects of the check, so as to ensure the safety of the weight of the wire rope. The main method is the degree of Racha wire rope, such as: wear, deformation, bending and so on.

After the use of security checks, you should start to pay attention to the use of protection and maintenance. Maintenance is mainly divided into the following parts:

First, if you want to use the wire rope long life, it must be in accordance with a certain method to use wire rope. The following three ways are especially not possible: drag and drop, throw, suddenly change the speed of take-off and landing, often impact load.

Second, ash and Rust is the bane of wire rope, must use the wire brush to the wire rope ash carefully brush clean, and the wire rope all parts are oiled to prevent rust.

Third, the coating cycle of wire rope is 4 months, the use of oil temperature must be around 50 ℃, oil soaked the whole core, and to wipe out the useless grease.

Four, the wire rope should be folded when placed, can not overlap, can not be placed in dirty damp place.

To avoid line and loose, the top of the wire rope must be tightened or welded securely.

In the course of use, if there is an oil droplet on the surface of the wire rope, it means that the wire rope has exceeded the load, should stop using immediately, then inspect the wire rope in all aspects, and the new wire rope must be used when necessary.

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