Elevator Wire Rope Changed Once In Years

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Elevator wire Rope for several years, due to the use of frequent, load status and maintenance factors such as the impact of the elevator traction wire rope does not scrap the time limit.

But there are scrap standards, GB7588. TSGT7001 stipulates that:

The traction compensation wire rope shall be scrapped when one of the following occurs:

(1) The emergence of cage-like distortion, rope core extrusion kink, partial flattening, bending;

(2) broken wire scattered in the whole wire rope, the number of broken strands in any single strand is greater than 4; or the broken wire is concentrated in a certain part of the wire rope or a strand, and the total number of broken wires in a twist is greater than 12 (for 6 strands) or greater than 16 (for 8 shares)

(3) The diameter of the wire rope after wear is less than 90% of the rope diameter.

Therefore, the use of reasonable steel wire rope product structure, can properly prolong the service life of the elevator

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