Discussion On The Development Direction Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope

- Jul 19, 2017 -

1, with the original auxiliary materials suppliers of cooperation. Stainless steel wire Rope production needs of raw and auxiliary materials such as wire, hemp core, grease, lubricants, and other industrial developed countries there is still a small gap, therefore, the need to work with suppliers to carry out technical research.

2. Cooperation with equipment suppliers. In recent years, the equipment level of stainless steel wire rope industry in China has been greatly improved, the structure of stainless steel wire rope, the optimization of varieties and the promotion of brand benefit require the strong cooperation of equipment manufacturers. Our country stainless steel wire rope enterprise should cooperate closely with equipment manufacture enterprise, promote the rapid development of stainless steel wire rope industry.

3. Cooperation with downstream users. Stainless steel wire Rope enterprises should dare to display products, and with users to work together to improve and improve the physical quality of their products, in the industry competition to continuously improve their products brand effect. In the user recognized, satisfied with the rapid development.

4. Cooperate with research and development force. Set up research and production platform, give full play to the advantages of enterprises, universities, research institutes, improve the technical level of stainless steel wire rope, equipment and product design, development level. A qualified enterprise should establish a research and development structure of stainless steel wire rope products which can be combined with colleges and universities, and carry out research work on stainless steel wire rope.

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