Xihu employees conduct a health examination

- Nov 22, 2017 -

In order to protect the health of employees and build a harmonious enterprise, on November 11, the company organized staff to carry out a comprehensive health examination. As an employee, the company specially invited the medical institution to come to the company to provide the medical examination service. The examination items include internal medicine, surgery, chest X-ray, blood test, electrocardiogram, pulmonary function, electrical test and so on. Of the physical health, but also understand the daily diet, work and other health tips should pay attention to disease prevention and early prevention, early detection of disease, early treatment.

     The company has been committed to doing a good job of staff health and safety work, improve employee self-help and awareness of disease prevention, Prior to this, the company also organized employee health knowledge, first aid safety training, effective from the care of the employee's body set off.

     The medical examination was well received by everyone, allowing employees to truly feel the warmth of Spark's "home", which further enhanced the employees' centripetality and sense of belonging, and injected some stamina into the company's development.

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