​Wire rope winding

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Wire rope winding
Double winding wire rope according to its different winding methods can be divided into the following several types:
1, the interaction of twist wire rope: also called rope, the rope twist to the contrary.Twist to the points left to spiral and right to spiral.As the closing is made by wire rope according to the left to the spiral twist, and made the rope shares to spiral twist to the right.As rope and reverse the trend of stock instead, knot, loose offset each other and not reverse the trend, particularly convenient to use, for all kinds of lifting hoist machinery widely used.
2, concurrent twist wire rope: also called Around the rope, the rope twist to the same, the twist to twist is also divided into left and right, such as the right lay along the wire rope is the twist into stocks, shares to bolt twist twist into a rope are all right again.Good contact between the wire rope of silk and silk, has good around sex, long service life, but have a tendency to reverse the knot, easy to loose, can only be used for tensioning ropes or traction rope, should not be used for hoisting rope.
3, mixed twist wire rope: half of the shares to left twist, half of the shares for the right of wire rope twisted.This kind of wire rope for multilayer non-rotating wire rope, and the adjacent layer of twist to the contrary.It possesses the advantages of interactive twist and concurrent twist, but the manufacturing process is complex, therefore, only in lifting weight, lifting height smaller large hoisting machinery (such as tower crane crane).

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