Wire rope structure

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Wire rope is generally twisted into a strand of steel, and then by a number of strands twisted rope around the rope. This type of wire rope known as double rope, lifting machinery used in large quantities. There are also a few wire ropes that are single-strand ropes, also known as single ropes. Directly by the inner and outer layers of wire according to the direction of different twists and turns formed. This kind of single rope has a closed and smooth appearance and is resistant to rain. It is not easy for rainwater to immerse inside. It is suitable for supporting ropes of cable cranes and aerial ropeways. Due to poor winding, unsuitable for winding rope.

First, the steel wire rope wire usually have high strength and toughness, therefore, the general use of carbon content of 0.5% to 0.8% of high-quality carbon steel, and the sulfur, phosphorus, there are more stringent restrictions, generally not Should be greater than 0.035%. For this reason, in the selection of carbon steels, steel No. 50, No. 60 and No. 65 in GB699-88 "Technical conditions of high quality carbon structural steel" should be used.

Second, the rope core rope is an important part of the rope, which has the following three aspects:

1, increase flexibility and flexibility. The main purpose of setting up the rope core in the steel wire rope is to enhance the winding and elasticity of the steel wire rope. Generally, there is a wire core in the center of the steel wire rope. If the wire rope has special requirements, in order to make the wire rope more flexible and elastic, it is necessary to add another strand of wire rope in each rope section of the wire rope, and the additional rope core needs to use a fiber rope core.

2, for lubrication. The cord immersed in a certain amount of anti-corrosion, anti-rust grease. Rope work, the oil will be immersed in the wire, play lubrication, wear and corrosion and so on. The company is located in:

3, increase the strength of the rope. Set a rope core in the center of the rope, which is conducive to improving the horizontal extrusion of the rope. The company is located in:

Core types usually have the following three categories:

1, fiber core: the general use of sisal, cotton yarn and other fibers made of, and with anti-corrosion, anti-rust oil soaked. Fiber core can promote the wire rope has a good flexibility and flexibility, lubricants can make steel wire lubrication, and play a rust, corrosion, wear and so on. Fiber core rope is mainly used at room temperature winding rope and tied rope, not suitable for high temperature environment and withstand horizontal pressure conditions.

2, asbestos fiber core: made of asbestos fibers, and with anti-corrosion, anti-rust oil soaked. Asbestos fiber core and fiber core with the same flexibility and flexibility, as well as lubricity, while both high temperature resistance, suitable for high temperature baking environment winding rope rope.

3, metal core: made of soft steel wire or soft steel strands. It is suitable for multi-layer winding and hoisting equipment, such as windlass winches and winding cranes of automobile cranes, because of its strong strength and resistance to horizontal squeezing. It is also suitable for metallurgical cranes under special heavy-duty high temperature environment. Under normal circumstances, the metal cord itself lubricity is poor. Winding and elasticity of metal core wire rope are less than fiber core rope, except for multi-layer winding, high temperature environment, and more for lifting equipment, tensioning rope or support rope.

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