Wire rope industry development

- Apr 08, 2018 -

With the continuous growth of large-scale industrial construction, steel rope and rope enterprises are also growing, and corporate management is gradually becoming more formal. However, the development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the market. Xihu reminds everyone that it is particularly necessary for rigging companies to recognize the industry situation and to grasp market demand.


First of all, sling companies need to be agile in the market in order to gain their market share in cruel competition. As the decision makers of enterprises, they need to make determinations and determinations when deciding the direction of the company's development. They must understand the lifting equipment market. The dynamic changes, master the development of the market.

After rigging companies correctly grasp the market demand, they should closely follow the market demand, starting from the aspects of technology, products, services, management, and marketing, comprehensively enhance the overall strength of the company and increase its core competitiveness. Some sling operators have a short-sighted outlook, focusing only on the immediate interests, but neglecting long-term development, and are unwilling to invest too much in technological innovation, personnel training, and equipment introduction. In fact, technology, talents, and equipment are important means for expanding the market size. Opening the market requires good technology, excellent talents, and advanced equipment. Only with a good market can the company's effective development be promoted.

Xihu is a professional manufacturer integrating research, development and production. The main products are high-strength wire ropes, cast rigging of various specifications, aluminum alloy and steel pressing, hand-lined rigging and lifting accessories: quick-disconnect couplings, Wire rope clamps, shackles, hooks, rigging screw buckles, pulleys, steel clamps, cable sections, collars, slings and so on. In order to further expand its market share, Xihu will meticulously analyze the market demand for domestic slings, actively carry out product structural adjustments, and proceed with technical improvement, quality improvement, and management breakthroughs to fully promote the continuous development and expansion of the company.

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