Why the steel wire ropes get black

- Apr 09, 2018 -

What is the reason behind the blackening of steel wire? Next, Xihu Steel Comapny will tell you.

When using galvanized steel wire, it is not difficult to find that during the operation, blackening will occur, so why is the galvanized steel wire in the greenhouse black? Let's take a look at the specific situation and understand the real reasons before we can find a more appropriate solution to the problem.

As we all know, the chemical properties of zinc are very unstable, so when processing, because of the different processing parameters, some changes will occur, resulting in different chemical reactions, and the stability of the new material produced. It is very good, and it shows black color. This is the black we see with the naked eye. In fact, these blacks are produced in such a state. If it is felt that this will affect the aesthetics, then we can apply it on the surface of the galvanized steel wire. A layer of paint that you like, which can solve this problem, galvanized steel wire manufacturers remind everyone that the galvanized steel wire becomes black is an inevitable thing, so we must correctly deal with this issue, not a quality problem.

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