What is the role of wire rope rope?

- Apr 02, 2018 -

The main role of the wire rope core is to increase the elasticity and toughness of the wire rope, lubricate the wire, reduce friction, and increase the service life of the wire rope. Common rope types include organic fibers (eg, hemp, cotton), synthetic fibers, asbestos cores (high temperature conditions), or soft metals.FC.jpg

The wire rope refers to a flexible rope that is twisted with multiple or multiple strands of fine steel wire. The wire rope is made up of multiple layers of steel wire strands, and then a certain number of strands are spirally wound around the core. In material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying. The steel wire rope has high strength, light weight, stable work, and it is not easy to suddenly break the entire root and work reliably.

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