Twist characteristics of stainless steel wire rope

- Jul 19, 2017 -

1. Point contact: The adjacent layer of steel wire in the unit is dotted contact form, in addition to the central steel wire, each layer of steel wire diameter is equal, the unit through a layered twist system formation.

2. Line Contact: The adjacent layer of steel wire in the unit is a linear contact form, the unit by a different diameter steel wire twist.

3. Face Contact: The adjacent layer of the strands of steel wire between the surface contact form.

4. Point, line contact stainless steel wire Rope: In the adjacent layer of steel wire between the point, line two contact forms. The strands are made from different diameters of steel wire.

5. Profiled strand stainless steel wire Rope: The special-shaped strand stainless steel wire rope is named because of its triangular, oval or fan-shaped section.

6. Galvanized Stainless Steel Wire rope: On the surface of steel wire galvanized treatment (or galvanized after drawing), and then in the twisted stainless steel wire rope.

7. Stainless Steel Wire Rope twist to: the so-called wire rope (or strands) twist direction, refers to the strands in the rope (or silk in the strands) twist system of the helix.

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