The application of steel wire ropes

- Mar 28, 2018 -

The main application of wire rope

  1. Delivery: The ability to turn and transfer force through flexible and elastic properties, such as a winch;

  2. Load-bearing: strong toughness, able to carry a large load, such as the crane cable;

  3. Positioning: Limits the structure, such as ships, mooring positioning cables on offshore platforms, and home clothesline.

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Wire rope application area:

In view of its functions, it is mainly used in various aspects such as industrial production, processing and manufacturing, transportation and living at home.

According to application classification:

There are mainly steel wire ropes for logging, steel wire ropes for cranes, steel wire ropes for hoisting, wire ropes for chemical use, steel wire ropes for ships, wire ropes for vehicles, wire ropes for aviation, and wire ropes for home use.

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