Steel Wire Ropes Producing - stranding

- Apr 11, 2018 -

The wire rope is usually made of carbon steel wire with a diameter of 0.1 to 6.0 mm. Z-shaped and other profiled steel wires are used for the manufacture of hermetically sealed and semi-sealed steel cords. The types of steel wire ropes are classified according to their uses: suspension ropes for ropes and ropes for mines, load-bearing ropes for aerial ropeways, traction ropes for transmissions, ropes for elevators, and tied ropes for bundles and trailers. The variety of wire ropes is increasing and the structure is becoming more and more complex. In addition to various coated steel wires, stainless steel wires and bimetallic wires are also used. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of steel wire ropes, steel wire ropes are required to have sufficient strength, good flexibility, compactness, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength, among which strength is the most important.stranding.jpg

The cross-section structure of the wire rope is a bit contact with round strands, line contact round stocks, surface contact round stocks, shaped stocks, single stock strands without rotation, sealing and flatness. The surface contact of the round stock wire rope is based on the traction force of the ramming machine to draw the wire contact strand through the wire drawing die or the roller die. Through the die-drawing, there are two kinds of anti-corrosion measures, namely oil coating and plating coating, before and after deformation of the strand.

(1) Oiling: All wire ropes must be oiled. The impregnation of the fiber core requires the grease to protect the fiber core from rot, corrosion of the steel wire, moisturize the fibers, and lubricate the wire rope from the inside. The surface oiling uniformly spreads a layer of rust-proof lubricating grease on all steel wire surfaces in the strands, and in the case of mine shafts with high friction and mine water, black oil grease with high grinding resistance and strong water resistance is applied; It is coated with red oil grease with strong film-forming and rust-preventing properties, and requires thin oil layer to keep it clean during operation.

(2) Plating: Galvanized, aluminized, coated nylon or plastic. The galvanized steel wire is divided into a thin plating layer which is first plated and then pulled out, and a thick plating layer which is galvanized after pulling out the steel wire. The mechanical properties of the thick plating layer are lower than those of the smooth steel wire rope and should be used in a severe corrosive environment. Aluminized steel wire rope is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and heat-resistant than galvanized steel wire rope. It is mainly used for fishing trawl ships and mines containing H2S, etc. It is produced by plating and then drawing. Nylon or plastic coated wire ropes are used to coat ropes and coat strands. The former is used for static cables and the latter is used for moving cables.

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