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- Apr 12, 2018 -

The process of producing steel wire ropes by arranging the rope strands around the center line of the rope core on the rope forming machine. The rope should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturing process of wire rope. After the rope machine is selected, the stocks for the ropes should be carefully selected. The specifications, structure, direction of the strands (see the method for the ropes) and length should meet the requirements of the wire rope manufacturing cards. After the stocks are selected, the stock-carrying wheels are installed on the I-wheel wheel frame of the rope machine. The installation of the I-shaped wheel, the threading method of the strands, the adjustment of the tanning parameters, and the tanning operations in the twining process are the same as those in the case of the tanning. Combined ropes are different from ramets only in the tanning process. The tanning of steel wire ropes is divided into three types, namely single wire rope twisting, double twisting wire rope twisting, and three twisted wire rope twisting.

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The tantalum wire rope tanning method and the tanning process are basically the same as the tanning method and the tanning process of the same structure. The only difference is that in the single tether wire rope, the tantalum wire around each tantalum layer outside the core is alternated. The change is determined by the direction of the outer wire. The sealed wire rope is a single wire rope. The tanning method is similar to that of a single wire rope made of tantalum. The difference is that, when tanning, it must be ensured that the large surface of the shaped wire outside the core is always facing the outer surface of the wire rope. The tanning of the profiled steel wire outside the sealed wire rope core is generally done on special equipment.

Double twist ropes are usually made from 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 strands. Up to 36 shares can be reached, with many varieties and complex structures. It is the most widely used wire rope. The most common application is a double strand wire rope consisting of 6 strands. Medium-sized twin stranded wire ropes can be manufactured using tubular stranding machines. Rough wire ropes, especially wire ropes with the same direction (see Wire Rope Method), are machined using a basket type rope machine. Special-shaped strand steel wire rope can be made by special equipment, and it can also be converted into a special-shaped strand and then made into a steel wire rope on a common rope machine. The surface contact wire rope can be manufactured by profiled steel wire rope tanning method or plastic compression method. The plastic compression method is to subject a round strand to drawing or rolling during the strands of the strands to cause plastic deformation of the strands in the strands, change the contact state of the strands in the strands, and then use the strands to make the ropes. The tanning of the three-wire rope is the same as the tanning of the twin ropes, but the number of tanning times has increased.

All steel ropes should be made loose. The non-loose performance of the wire rope is achieved by pre-distortion of the tantalum strands when the ropes are combined. Wire ropes of metal cords can also be heat-treated to obtain loose properties. In order to improve the mechanical properties and non-looseness of the steel wire rope, in addition to the pre-deformation of the strands when the ropes are combined, the strand straightening process is also widely used for the strands and the strands to eliminate the stress of the strands.

A wire rope coating tank is arranged between the traction wheel and the take-up device of the rope tying machine, and the wire rope is oiled. After the wire rope is oiled, it is evenly wound on the spool of the take-up mechanism by the wire arranging mechanism. After the tanning process is completed, the rope head of the wire rope is fastened with a soft wire and fixed on the spool.

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