Steel wire ropes producing - drawing

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The first step of producing the steel wire ropes is drawing, let Xihu tell you the process of drawing:

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Raw materials: The wire rope drawing mentioned here refers to a kind of technological means that the raw material is pickled, phosphatized, peeled, opened, and pulled one or more times during the process to change its molecular structure to reach the target diameter.

Raw materials are ferrous metals ranging from 0.14 to 10.00 mm and non-ferrous metals ranging from 0.01 to 16.00 mm in diameter.

Pickling: Washing off the rust and rolling process on the surface of steel wire rope raw material with acid. Also known as peeling in the production process of steel wire rope, it mainly strips the oxides of high wire to prevent rust and other impurities from affecting the blanking and damage the drawing dies.

Phosphating: The popular term is the process of immersing a material in a phosphate solution to obtain a water-insoluble phosphate film on the surface. Prevent corrosion to a certain extent.

Blanking: Through a variety of holes in the center of the die that draw the wire, round, square, octagonal, or other special shapes. When the metal is forced through the die hole, its size and shape change.

Cold drawing: An ordinary round steel, which is forced through a hole smaller than its diameter, the diameter of the round bar will become smaller and the length will elongate. If such a process is repeated, the round bar will be Further smaller. After this plastic deformation occurs, the hardness of the steel increases, and the plasticity almost disappears. Where plasticity is not required, such steels may be used where strength is only required.

Tempering: Since the molecular structure of the wire has been destroyed, only tempering restores the internal structure of the wire again. In order to facilitate drawing again, it is not easy to break, and it can pull the strength we want. Strength is what we call tensile strength. The strength is pulled out of the drawing and is not heat treated. This is the biggest difference between the wire rope process and the machining process. The higher the strength, the stronger the pulling force, but the worse the toughness. Therefore, the appropriate strength should be selected for wire rope selection. Can not blindly high strength. High-strength steel wire ropes are strong, but they are weak in terms of wear resistance and flexibility.

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