Steel wire ropes clips

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Rope clips for wire ropes are mainly used for the temporary connection of wire ropes and the fixing of hand ropes when wire ropes are wrapped around pulley blocks, and the fixing of wind rope ropes on climbing rods.


It is a wider wire rope clamp used in lifting operations. The commonly used wire rope clamps are horse riding, boxing and pressure plate. Among them, the horse-riding clip is the standard wire rope clamp with the strongest connection force and is the most widely used. Pressure plate type Secondly, because of the absence of a pedestal, the boxing type is easy to damage the wire rope and the connection force is also poor. Therefore, it is used only in secondary places.

The use of the rope clip should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) The size of the clip should be suitable for the thickness of the wire rope. The inner net distance of the U-shaped ring is larger than the diameter of the wire rope by 1~3mm. The net distance is too big to be tightly bound to the rope.

(2) When using, tighten the U-bolt until the wire rope is flattened by 1/3. Because the wire rope is deformed after being subjected to a force, the rope clip is to be tightened a second time after the wire rope is subjected to force, so as to ensure the reliability of the joint. If it is necessary to check whether the rope clip is slipping after the wire rope is under stress, an additional safety rope clip can be used. The safety rope clip is installed about 500mm from the last rope clip, and the rope head is released out of a safety bend and then clamped with the main rope. In this way, if the clip slides, the safety bend will be straightened, so that it can be easily found and reinforced at any time. .

(3) The spacing between the rope clips is generally about 6 to 8 times the diameter of the rope, and the rope clips should be arranged side by side. The U-shaped ring part should be stuck on one side of the rope head, and the pressure plate should be placed on one side of the main rope.

(4) The method of fixing the wire rope end: Generally, there are two types of single knot and double knot.

A single set of knots, also known as a cross knot, is used for both ends of a wire rope or for fixing a rope.

Double knots, also known as double cross knots, symmetrical knots, are used at both ends of wire ropes and can also be used for rope end fixing.

Precautions for use of wire rope chucks: They cannot be used for a long period of time. They cannot be used repeatedly.

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