Steel wire rope shock absorbers

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Steel wire rope shock absorbers

Wire Rope Damper (Wire Rope Damper) HGS Application Area

1, Vibration isolation and buffering for electronic, mechanical equipment and instrumentation such as airborne, on-board, shipborne, etc.

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2, Basic elastic support of engine and various power machinery.

3, vibration isolation buffer for various types of precision electronic instruments, instruments, computers and communication equipment.

4. Safeguarding of missiles, satellites, navigation, and launch systems.

5. Vibration Isolation and Anti-earthquake of Key Infrastructure Facilities and Buildings.

6. Vibration Isolation, Shock and Buffering of Construction Machinery and General Machinery.

7, Vibration and buffering of machinery, electronic equipment and facilities in harsh environment such as high and low temperature, chemical pollution, etc.

8, wire rope vibration isolator has nonlinear stiffness and nonlinear damping characteristics.

9, Compared with the traditional rubber isolator, it has the advantages of strong environment adaptability, long service life, various installation methods, good cushion and impact resistance, large damping, and easy installation. The disadvantage is that the required installation space is large.

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