Stainless Steel Wire Rope

- Jul 19, 2017 -

The 1830s, the wire rope was designed and developed, mainly used in mine mining lifting equipment. With the further development of the first industrial Revolution [1], the use of wire ropes has been popularized and used more widely.

In dynamic system, wire ropes are widely used in cranes and elevators, mechanical power transmission, vehicle cockpit control, aircraft control system operations and other fields; static system, hanging rope Bridge of the holding tower of the firm, the design of new railings and other industries, wire rope is also widely used.

With the beginning of 20th century, the invention and rapid development of stainless steel [1] materials, the new stainless steel material is used in the field of wire rope manufacturing. With the special physicochemical properties of stainless steel materials, stainless steel wire ropes have been widely accepted and popularized in many fields in Europe and America. Stainless steel wire rope introduced into China late, however, since the reform and opening up, China's stainless steel wire rope manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, many enterprises rapid rise, domestic stainless steel wire rope has already gone out of the country, exports the world, the industry prospects bright.

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