Performance of galvanized steel wire ropes

- Jul 19, 2017 -

The twist system of galvanized steel wire rope. Theoretically speaking, the twist of galvanized steel wire rope is the same as that of ordinary round strand wire rope. However, according to the working precondition of wire rope, there are different requirements for the thickness of the zinc layer of the raw steel wire: the diameter is 0.0mm Farragut and I galvanized steel wire rope, the thickness of the coating can be divided into 3 groups: The thin coating group of zinc on the 15135gm2 for the mild erosion of the premise; the zinc content in the middle coating group is 60200gm2 for the medium erosion precondition, and the zinc content in the thick galvanizing group is 75260GM2 for the severe corrosion and the highest zinc content of hot dip galvanized is not 593gm2 at present, the practical zinc on the zinc content can reach 1200gm2.

The use of electricity accumulation of the way to obtain the coating, electroplating zinc is through the external power supply. The obtained coating is composed of fine pure zinc grains. Zinc on the general galvanization layer can also reach 750gm2 when galvanized steel wire is spiral-like entanglement in the diameter of steel wire diameter of 5 times times or 10 times times the core bar, the zinc layer should not fall off or crack. The corrosion resistance of galvanized layer should be repaired accordingly.

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