notes when use steel wire ropes

- Apr 03, 2018 -

1. It is forbidden to use the new steel wire rope directly at high speed and heavy load: The new steel wire rope should not be used immediately under high speed and heavy load, but should be operated under low speed and medium load conditions for a period of time so that the new rope can adapt to the use state and then gradually increase. The wire rope running speed and increase the lifting load, that is, the new wire rope must go through the initial run-in phase before carrying out high-speed, heavy-load operation.

2. Wire rope skipping is strictly prohibited: When the wire rope and the pulley are usedsteel wire ropes.jpg together, care must be taken to prevent the wire rope from jumping out of the wheel slot. If the wire rope is still used after shedding the wheel groove, the wire rope will be deformed, kinked, broken, and broken. This will severely shorten the service life of the wire rope. If a wire breakage occurs, it will often bring catastrophic results.

3. It is forbidden to squash and deform the wire rope: When the wire rope is in use, it cannot be strongly squeezed so as to avoid deformation of the wire rope, leading to structural damage and early broken wire (in this case, the brittle layer of martensite will appear on the surface of the steel wire), broken strands and even Breaking ropes significantly reduces the service life of the wire rope and endangers operation safety.

4. It is forbidden to friction with other objects when the wire rope runs at high speed: When the wire rope runs at high speed, it should avoid friction with other objects outside the non-matching wheel groove. Because at high speeds, the momentary frictional heat generated when the steel wire ropes and these objects move to each other can lead to the appearance of martensite structure on the steel wire surface. Although this change in the organization cannot be discerned by the naked eye, it causes the early breakage of the steel wire. The main reason.

5. It is forbidden to loosely wind the wire rope: When the wire rope is wound on the reel, it should be arranged as neatly as possible. If scattered and twisted, the steel wire rope willsteel wire cables.jpg also cause the structure of the steel wire rope to be destroyed due to mutual extrusion during operation, resulting in early broken wire and directly affecting the service life of the steel wire rope.

6. It is forbidden to use the steel wire rope overloaded: If the steel wire rope is overloaded, it will rapidly exacerbate the degree of wear and deformation between the internal wire and the outer steel wire and the matching wheel groove, which will cause serious damage to the safety of the operation. Shorten slide

Wheel life.

7. Wire ropes are strictly forbidden from severe impact and vibration: During the use of steel wire ropes, if the operating speed changes rapidly, it will cause impact load. Although each impact is only instantaneously loaded, it implies a great degree of danger. Impact breaking occurs when the impact load exceeds the allowable working stress of the wire rope. Even though the impact load does not necessarily cause the wire rope to break, multiple impacts will severely shorten the service life of the wire rope. For ropes that have been used for a period of time, impact resistance will be lower compared to new ropes due to less flexibility.

8. The operating speed: The lower the operating speed, the less damage to the wire rope. As thegalvalised ropes.jpg operating speed increases, the damage of the wire rope increases accordingly. For this reason, rapid changes in speed during operation, sudden and violent loading, and violent braking should be avoided, which can reduce damage to the wire rope. The life of a steel wire rope is much longer than when working at a maximum load with a medium operating speed and working with a medium load at a high speed.

9. Anti-corrosion: In addition, the use of steel wire rope should be done without water, not in the accumulation of water and wet sand through. Wire rope should be used as much as possible in a dry environment. It is recommended to use galvanized steel wire ropes in conditions that are prone to rust.

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