Maintenance of wire ropes

- Mar 29, 2018 -

1. Applicable temperature of carbon steel wire rope

a) The fiber core wire rope can withstand temperatures not exceeding 100°C, but when the temperature exceeds 60°C it will accelerate the loss of the wire rope grease and reduce the service life.

b) The core steel wire rope can withstand temperatures not exceeding 200°C, and the working load should be reduced at this temperature; when working in the temperature range of 100°C-200°C, the strength loss can reach 10%-15%;

c) When the steel wire rope is working at -40°C, the strength is not lost, but other properties can be reduced; when working below -40°C, the strength increases and the toughness decreases;

d) When the use temperature is above 60°C or below -30°C, please confirm the performance of the surface of the wire rope with the manufacturer.

2. Applicable temperature of terminal fixing devicewire ropes xihu.jpg

a) The use temperature of aluminum alloy sleeve pressing rigging shall not exceed 150 °C;

b) The steel sleeve presses the rigging so that the temperature does not exceed 200 °C;

c) The temperature of the use of lead-based alloys for irrigation and rigging shall not exceed 80 °C;

d) The temperature of zinc and zinc-based cast solid rigging shall not exceed 120 °C;

3. Check before use of wire rope

After delivery of the wire rope, the customer shall check the appearance of the wire rope for any signs of abrasion and check whether the physical object matches the quality certification document and confirm that the steel wire rope and terminal fixing can be matched with the equipment. In the absence of a quality certificate for wire ropes, this wire rope cannot be used for lifting purposes.

4. Storage and transportation of wire rope

Wire rope should be stored in a clean, dry, dust-free, sheltered place. Wire ropes are not allowed to be stored in locations susceptible to chemical smog, steam or other corrosive media.

5. Unwinding

When unwinding, the rope plate is placed on a special bracket, and a steel pipe can also be used to penetrate into the rope plate hole. Both ends are set to lift the rope. When the rope plate is slowly rotated, a certain resistance is applied to the rope with the linen to keep the rope constant. Tight, can not let the rope fall into the ring, hit the buckle. For the stripped wire rope, it should be placed on the turntable, while pulling the rope while rotating the turntable, so that the wire rope flat out.

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