Maintenance method of stainless steel wire rope

- Jul 19, 2017 -

1, check the external surface of the wire rope wear degree and broken wire situation, when the wear area does not exceed 7% of the total area, can reduce the level of use, more than 7% when the wire rope scrap.

2, must guarantee the steel wire rope and the Groove Wheel good match, the two do not match, may cause the steel wire rope and the trough wheel the excessive attrition, shortens their service life.

3, the use of the process should be carried out frequently to the wire rope oil, and prevent mud sand. The lubrication of the wire rope is used in three ways, which are drip coating, spraying and brush coating respectively.

4, on a regular basis for the pulley and other accessories and wire rope assembly inspection, should ensure that the pulley and other accessories rotation flexible, such as the discovery of rotating hair, bang or abnormal sound, should be to the pulley bearing add grease.

5, The wire rope should be inspected and recorded regularly, this includes the use of wire rope, wear, broken wire, corrosion, grease, shape damage and other abnormal conditions.

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