Main application fields of stainless steel wire rope in China

- Jul 19, 2017 -

1, in the chemical industry, fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industrial equipment renovation, its update equipment used stainless steel wire rope;

2, the application of a wide range of stainless steel electrodes and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, connectors and so on, these are used in stainless steel wire rope;

3, the electric locomotive, the power line of the rings, hangers and compensation wheel applications of wire rope, these are stainless steel wire rope to be developed areas;

4, the past industrial use of a wide range of nylon nets, now a considerable part has been replaced by stainless steel wire rope. And as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel wire rope manufacturers, the application of stainless steel wire rope has been involved in the field of railway electrification, decoration industry, rigging industry, fishing gear industry, automobile and motorcycle industry and other sectors.

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