Jiangsu Xihu special steel passed the Safety Standardization of Enterprises

- Nov 28, 2017 -

November 23, Jiangsu Xihu Special Steel passed the "safe production standardization enterprises" assessment acceptance.

The assessment team reviewed the conformity and effectiveness of our company's safety standardization and operation through the verification of the production site, the examination of archival materials, and the inquiry and understanding. At the same time, he pointedly pointed out the problems found in the assessment and put forward suggestions and opinions. Experts read the review comments, agreed to test results, Xihu reached the "safe production standardization of three enterprises" standard, hope that the company standardized this acceptance as a new starting point, continue to do a good job in safety production.

"Always guarding production safety and jointly creating a beautiful homeland". Quality is the life of an enterprise. Safety is the life of an employee. Carrying out safety standardization is a basic work for strengthening the safety in production. It is also a fundamental way to establish a long- The adoption of this three-level safety standardization has played a positive role in promoting the safety management of enterprises and promoting the overall development of safety production.

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