How to select a steel wire rope - Strength

- Apr 13, 2018 -

When selecting a steel wire rope for a specific application, the following characteristics should be considered:


·No rotation performance

·Anti-fatigue performance

·Abrasion resistance

·Anti-deformation performance

·Corrosion resistance

·Wire rope elongation


Determining the minimum strength of steel wire ropes used on specific occasions is the responsibility of manufacturers, installations, and lifting equipment manufacturers. Facilities, installations, and lifting equipment manufacturers need to understand the current local regulations, standards, and specifications that govern wire rope design factors and may affect pulleys and rolls. Other factors of the cartridge design, the shape of the groove and the corresponding radius, roll inclination and offset angle all have an effect on the performance of the wire rope.

After the strength of the wire rope (known as the minimum breaking tension or the minimum breaking load) is determined, it is then necessary to determine which type of wire rope to use. Therefore, it is very important for designers to fully understand the performance, characteristics and limitations of many existing types of wire ropes.

Crane operator precautions

Xihu Company recommends that any wire ropes used for replacement should have the specified characteristics after the facilities, installations and lifting equipment are put into use, and should at least meet the minimum breaking force specified by the original equipment manufacturer.

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