How to select a steel wire rope - Deformation resistance

- Apr 23, 2018 -

When a wire rope is wound in multiple layers on a reel, it is very important to apply a certain back tension when installing the wire rope. Xihu recommends applying a tension of 2% to 10% of the minimum breaking force of the wire rope during installation. If the tension is not applied or in certain situations where the lower wire rope is inevitably subjected to very high pressure, such as a cantilever hoist rope lifting the cantilever from a horizontal position, it may cause the lower wire rope to be crushed and deformed.

In this case, the use of steel core wire rope will help, but not the use of fiber core wire rope. Constructex or compacted wire ropes are more resistant to extrusion deformation due to their high metal fill factor. 

In the case where the extrusion is used as the main damage type of the wire rope, using the Constructex wire rope will reduce the damage caused by the extrusion deformation.

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