Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Galvanized steel wire Rope is divided into two categories: cold galvanized steel wire rope and hot galvanized steel wire rope. Hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing have this essential difference in the process. Hot-dip galvanizing is formed by physical thermal diffusivity, first forming iron-zinc compound, and successively producing pure zinc layer on the surface of Fe-Zn compound. The highest zinc content on hot dip galvanized is 593g/m2. Hot-dip galvanizing will reduce the mechanical properties of steel wire, requiring high strength and high corrosion resistance galvanized steel wire rope, the use of galvanized steel wire twisting. Hot Dip galvanizing is galvanized in a 450-480 degree molten zinc solution.

Hot-dip galvanized steel wire Rope is the market trend, will become galvanized steel wire rope users of the first choice. Because of the hot galvanized steel wire rope has a very high cost-effective. The steel wire of hot galvanized steel wire rope is formed by the thermal diffusion of physics, firstly, the iron-zinc compound is formed, and the pure zinc layer is produced on the surface of Fe-Zn compound on galvanized steel wire. The highest value of zinc on galvanized steel wire rope is 593g/m2. Hot Dip galvanizing is galvanized in a 450-480 degree molten zinc solution.

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